March 01, 2021


Royal Ranger Online Council of Achievement
Royal Ranger Online Council of Achievement 1 / 1
  • Article by Darren Wong & David Gan

Since the Movement Control Order began last year, the Royal Rangers have continued to meet regularly online.  To recognize the Rangers’ hard work on their advancements and to encourage them to keep it up, Royal Rangers had their very first Online Council of Achievement (CoA) on 6 February 2021. This CoA was for the Ranger Kids (RK), ages 6 to 8 years old and Discovery Rangers (DR), ages 9 to 11 years old.


A total of 42 RKs & 14 leaders attended the RK Online CoA. The event started off with an opening prayer and the RR pledge.  After some interactive activities, Senior Commander Chin Yoke Yee challenged the RKs as she encouraged them to complete the advancement trail.  She also thanked the parents for their support and effort in availing their kids for the RR online meetings.  Outpost Commander Darren Wong introduced each age group and the Group Commanders presented the awards to 32 RKs during the CoA.  To conclude, Council Chairman David Peter shared a devotion on ‘Be Ye Kind’ to encourage the RKs to be kind and helpful to those who may be needing help to “finish the race”, as he showed the RKs a video of an Olympic athlete who injured himself in a race and was helped to the finishing line by his coach.


In the DR age group, four Rangers; Ryan Leng, Aiden Teoh, Ethan Lee, and Valerie Rachel Leong shared their testimonies of what they are thankful to God before the awards presentation.  Their testimonies are great examples of how God can touch and bless us during this time of pandemic.  During the awards presentation, 31 Rangers were recognized for their achievements, with their certificates mailed to them prior to the online CoA.  Senior Commander Chin Yoke Yee shared words of encouragement to motivate the DRs to continue to attend meetings faithfully and to work hard on getting their awards.  The DRs then adjourned into their individual age groups to connect with each other.  This simple but meaningful session ended with closing prayer, and we are glad that 43 DRs attended the online CoA and are thankful to all the commanders for their continuous effort in mentoring the boys and girls to be men and women of God.

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