What You Need To Know To Have A Wedding in Calvary Church

What You Need To Know To Have A Wedding in Calvary Church


To be married in the Church, the couple must understand the teaching of Scripture concerning the marriage covenant and have seriously sought the mind of the Lord on this important decision.

We believe that when it comes to marriage, the couple must seek both the blessing of their parents as well as their pastors. It is not possible for the pastors to give such a blessing without having the confidence that the couple has undergone adequate preparation for the marriage.

1. The couple must have a personal faith and be vibrant followers of Jesus Christ.
2. They must have a positive Christian testimony at home, in church and among their colleagues and friends.
3. They are faithful members of the church.

The couple must show seriousness and commitment in preparing for the marriage and not just for the wedding. Therefore, all requirements must be met and all assignments completed before the church will give consent to the wedding.

1. The couple must be 18 years and above. Parental consent is necessary for persons below 18 years of age.
2. They should plan together with the church at least 12 months ahead.
3. They should not confirm any plans for their wedding before having met with the Pastor in charge.
4. The church is not obligated to give consent to the wedding in the event of a major concern regarding the preparedness of the couple for marriage. In such cases, a postponement of the wedding will be recommended.
5. Couples who have registered their marriage with the Registration of Marriages (ROM) and/or have consummated the marriage are deemed married. As such, there should be no further plans “to be married”.

1. Complete a ‘’Personal Evaluation Form’’, and submit it to the Pastor in-charge of Wedding Services. The Pastor will contact them to arrange for a date of appointment and will give counsel to the couple.
2. Express growth and commitment as a Christian Couple, which relates to Items in Segment A above.
3. Participate in the Marriage Preparation Course.

For more information or to make an appointment, kindly contact Associate Pastor Richard Yun @ the Church Office, 03-89995532 or email to [email protected]