February 01, 2021


Participants learning from home.
Participants learning from home. 1 / 1
  • Article by Yvonne Chow

When the world stop due to Covid 19, God is unstoppable. He provided technology to allow us to be trained from home virtually. 

Through Life Group (LG) Emerge Training, the participating LG members learnt to facilitate LG with effective leadership skill and a humble heart. Here are some of their testimonies: 

"The training equipped me to understand the role of LG Ministry. I am encouraged to take a bold step to reach out, share, and attract potential believers for the kingdom of God."- KK Abraham 

“I have learnt from Pastor David and other experienced facilitators, that the purpose of leading the LG is to build a strong, loving, and witnessing community for God.” – Tony Wong

"Before the training, I doubted my capability, but now, my confidence in the Lord makes me an overcomer and a witness for Jesus."- Anna Ng

Calling all LG members to respond to the Emerge LG Leadership Training beginning 11 April 2021 for five Sundays. For details, please check with your LG leader or email us at [email protected]