Taking One Step at a Time

October 22, 2021

Taking One Step at a Time

An experience of sharing Christ in small group

  • Article by Annabbel Lily

“The process of hosting 3Sixteen has taught me that sometimes when faith is small, and we do not know how things will work out, we just need to take that first step, and then the next step, and then another… knowing that come what may, God is always pleased with our faith.” Adrian Ng, Life Group Leader, trained in 3Sixteen in year 2020.


Adrian in 2021 mobilised his Life Group members for the second time and used the small group evangelism tool 3Sixteen to increase their evangelistic fervor, confidence, and effectiveness. 


Adrian Ng and his Life Group members as the 3Sixteen hosts


The 3Sixteen Working Team is truly encouraged by the progress they made in the sessions with their guests. Adrian enlighten us with his thoughts. 


What motivated you to start 3Sixteen, especially now, with so many still reeling from the devastation of the pandemic?

During this challenging season, we believe that there is a general desire to have conversations about meaningful issues regarding life and faith. With people confined to their homes and accessible through online apps, we thought this is a good time to make the connections. 


When the idea of 3Sixteen was first mooted to your Life Group members, what was their reaction?

The members expressed reservations, citing the lack of confidence and commitment. I do understand the commitment is great but I encouraged them to take one step of faith at a time, to come for the training, and to see where God leads. Praise God! Four of them agreed to step out in faith. The other members supported us in much needed prayers.


During this challenging season, we believe that there is a general desire to have conversations about meaningful issues regarding life and faith.


Inviting potential believers can be a daunting task. How did you and your members do it?

We used messaging apps to invite them for the eight sessions of discussions on matters of life and faith. We emphasised that the discussions were open and that they were free to share their own opinions. Some guests were curious and some keen to learn, having some prior experience of Christianity. An added advantage of doing 3Sixteen online was that we were not limited by distance. We had two guests join in from overseas! Eventually, four of the invited guests responded, which turned out to be a comfortable number for meaningful interactions.


Now that you have completed all eight sessions, what do you think was the guests’ motivation to come back week after week?

They have shared with us that they enjoyed the open discussions. I believe people appreciate being heard and understood without prejudice. Thankfully, the group dynamic was good and the conversations were lively and interesting.


Was it a challenge to be confronted with opposing worldviews and belief systems contrary to you and your group’s? 

As we listen to their stories, we come to empathise with why they think and feel the way they do. We do not agree, but we seek to understand them. At the end of each session, we get the opportunity to share our own experience of God with them. I sense that all of us enjoy the discussions, find acceptance, and we have developed genuine respect for one another. 


Looking back from when you started, how has this journey shaped up to be for your 3Sixteen group? 

Firstly, I am grateful to God for my Life Group members and especially the Life Group Ministry and 3Sixteen Working Team in our walk of faith. All of us had doubts and fears when we first started. How do we invite people? What if nobody comes? What if they do not like the sessions? 

The first session was nerve-wracking! But we are thankful for the opportunity to connect and share with our guests evangelistic videos, engage with them in open discussions, and share with them our testimonies. I pray that through our character and witness, they will be able to experience some measure of God’s great love for them. 


We do not agree, but we seek to understand them.


We hope you have been encouraged and inspired by Adrian and his 3Sixteen group’s experience, and are ready to take action! 


Like Adrian said, it’s taking the first step of faith and only then can we see the manifestation of God at work! Please seek assistance from your Life Group Leader, or email your interest at [email protected].