Nine Making a Pledge Toward God

September 15, 2022

Nine Making a Pledge Toward God

Water Baptism July 2022

  • Article by Christina Liew

We thank God for another great water baptism service which took place at our Saturday service in Calvary Church Damansara Heights. On 16 July 2022, nine more took the next step of their faith and decided to get water baptised. 


Here are a few of the wonderful testimonies that were shared that evening:

“Before I knew Jesus, I was a heavy drinker, I even had a very bad accident. I was always very negative but I believed God exists. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in March this year. Since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I can see how He is in charge of my life. He is the only one I can trust and depend on. Jesus is not just my Saviour but my Restorer.  -Justin




Growing up, I would attend Sunday services but I never really know who Jesus was and lived my own life. During the MCO, I was invited to join the Calvary Youth Fellowship and each time I attended the service I felt very excited. Since June this year, I've been attending church regularly and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Jesus gave me peace in my heart and is always beside me. He is more than a father to me. - Jensen




Before I knew Christ, I was rebellious, I did not want to pray or talk to Jesus, and keep my problems to myself. One day, I walked down the altar and confessed my sins to Him and asked for forgiveness. Jesus has forgiven me. He listens to my prayers and provides sufficiently for me. Whenever I'm lost, He will direct me. - Gilda  




Before I knew Jesus, my life was full of anger and anxiety. I was not really keen to believe in God and do not think that Jesus would be relevant in my life. I accepted Jesus during the MCO when I was not prepared for my examination and prayed for God to help me. Jesus heard my prayers and that examination was canceled. Later on, I believe He has helped me to improve in my studies and blessed me with good grades that are needed to enter the A Levels programme. He also built up my confidence and character. I am less anxious now than before and I really feel happy with myself. - Brigitte


Praise God for these nine precious souls and we commend them for taking the next step of faith! As they continue to follow Jesus, we pray that the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) will be evidential in their lives. 


From left to right:
Front Row - Jowell, Elijah, Charlotte, Janielle
2nd Row – Gilda, Emma, Joanne 
3rd Row - Shirley, Putry, Brigitte
Back Row - Jayden, Justin, Jensen