A Father is a Mighty Warrior, Wise Ruler, Royal Priesthood

July 29, 2022

A Father is a Mighty Warrior, Wise Ruler, Royal Priesthood

Father’s Day 2022

  • Article by Darren Yong



All glory and praise to God for a memorable Father’s Day celebration on Sunday, 19 June 2022 at the Calvary Convention Centre (CCC). 





The fathers and the rest of the church family were warmly welcomed into the sanctuary by the Royal Rangers and Missionettes who held up eye-catching placards. Genuine smiles were seen all around from those greeting and especially on the faces of those walking into the sanctuary!





One Voice choir consisting of 70 children joined worship leaders, Associate Pastor Christopher Lee and Darren Yong, to lead the congregation in worship. They demonstrated with actions and their voices on how we should worship and approach our heavenly Father with childlike faith. The One Voice choir then presented a beautiful special number entitled “To Be His Child”.




Associate Pastor Richard Yun in his opening remarks gave tribute and honour to our spiritual father – Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam. He then invited the first guest, Tim Cheng, to share on the platform to share his experience on raising four children. Tim shared that despite the circumstances that he had to face as a widower and a father, he ultimately relied on God alone to be his family’s provider. 




Next up, Associate Pastor Richard Yun invited young adult Isaac Gan to share on how he had to step up to be the “man of the family” with the passing of his late father. He also shared on behalf of the young people some things that may help a father understand a young person better in this present time, believing that the tips mentioned will aid in strengthening family bonds.





Associate Pastor Richard Yun wrapped up the interview session with an exhortation from Colossians 3:21. He invited all fathers to the altar, where the fathers faced their children to pray over them. He then prayed a prayer of blessing over each father and called on the church to collectively join him in prayer for Senior Pastor and Senior Associate Pastor Petrina Guneratnam.




The entire church congregation was then blessed by a special proclamation from the Father’s Day choir comprising of 43 fathers - one of whom was 84 years of age - our dear Richard Lee!. They sang a song entitled “The Blessing”, taken from Numbers 6: 24-26. Many commented on how blessed they were hearing the fathers proclaim the spiritual blessing over their families. One of the fathers in the Father’s Day choir mentioned that he saw angels in the congregation as he sang over them!




After the service, three photobooths, each with face cut-outs reflecting the roles of a father as priest, king, and soldier were made available for families to take photos to commemorate the occasion.








A selection of light refreshments were provided for the church family to catch up with one another and build stronger bonds with each other.


We thank God for His goodness and we thank all from our church family who have put in much effort to make this celebration a joyous and meaningful one.