God is Faithful, So Will I

April 22, 2022

God is Faithful, So Will I

Answered Prayers to Fulfil my Faith Promise

  • Article by Yvonne Loh


Going through this pandemic until the economic recovery at the end of 2021, I was experiencing a downturn in business and a financial situation I never had before. It was to the extent that I could not find a way to save the business but only to trust and put one hundred percent of my faith in God. Even during my most difficult times, I still had peace and faith in my heart knowing He is God and will always be with me.


That was the time I drew much closer to God. I am very thankful to have my Life Group Leader and members, brothers and sisters in Christ who supported me with prayers and words of encouragement. 


When the church invited us to make Faith Promise pledge, I responded instantly without hesitation as I have tasted God’s grace and mercy throughout my difficult time, I know he surely will provide for the pledge I make. 


Today, I can testify that God brought me through the worst business situation of my life, delivered me from debts, and enabled me to manage my business’ cash flow much better. On top of that, my director fees could be resumed after stopping for two years. With this provision, I am able to fulfil my Faith Promise pledge right in time!


I am glad I did not stray away having been tempted to not give to God’s work. Recognising that God alone is my Provider, I trusted Him with all of my financial needs and did what was right.


All praise and glory to God our Father in heaven who is faithful to us in all phases of our lives.