May 28, 2021



Let us all rejoice with these Calvarites for their faith has led them to experience God’s intervention in challenging circumstances!


My niece had a stroke mid-January and was in a coma for three weeks. After I prayed daily with my Life Group members, she woke up and is recovering, recognising that God is her healer. – Jessica 

It is a miracle that the blockage in the arteries of my heart was healed. Amidst my pain, there were opportunities to share the Gospel with three patients when I was hospitalized. I led two of them to Christ. - Jeffrey 

I came with pain in her eyes to the church this Good Friday service, As I received prayer for healing led by Pastor David, the pain was immediately gone! – Yvonne

I was concerned when both my husband and daughter lost their jobs. Praise God, as I continued to walk by faith and trust God, my employer is empathetic and has increased my salary! -Rechel 

A seeming mishap turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My father fell, but after a word of prayer with him, he accepted Christ as his Saviour and Lord! - Wei Loon

As I continue to reach out to the person I led to Christ, I am encouraged that there are signs of her spiritual growth; she prayed with the prayer I sent her for her specific need, and by God’s grace the need was met. – Sun Jian

Thank God for His mercy. I led my late uncle to the Lord moments before he passed away. During the funeral service conducted by the church, my aunt and her son also gave their lives to Jesus. –Katherine 


These seven people either had journeyed with someone through their ups and downs or experienced it themselves. Their faith led them to see God’s glory and receive His grace. As nations are “as dust on the scales” for God (Isaiah 40:15) and He is able to “number the hairs of our head” (Luke 12:7), we can be sure that He does not only care for us but also intervene in all things - from the big ones we cannot control, to the little ones we tend to take for granted. The question is, how much do we trust in Him?