Over The Moon

November 28, 2023

Over The Moon

Mid-Autumn Joyous Event

  • Article by Calvary News Team

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On Sunday, 24 September 2023, the Chinese language congregation joyously celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. 


The theme, “Mid-Autumn Joyous Event” emphasised the celebration, reunion, and cultural significance of the festival. Beyond being a traditional celebration, the Mid-Autumn Joyous Event was also an opportunity to fulfil the Great Commission.


Celebrating this significant festival together provided a unique opportunity to share the love of Jesus with more people through cultural observances and fellowship in the joy of the Lord. Newcomers were warmly welcomed and encouraged to be a part of the church family to deepen their understanding of Christianity and faith.  



A dedicated team worked together to bring about this event, which included an Emperor Tea Tasting (with five types of tea, no less!), songs and of course, food. This event made an impact on our Christian walk, bringing us closer together and deepening our understanding of our mission to share the Good News with potential believers.



The highlights of this event were accompaniments with the erhu by Yap Sze Foong and guzheng music by Samuel Ng, a performance by the 10-member choir, and a special number titled “His Love Never Fails” by Nicole Ong. 


The performances were executed very well, earning the resounding applause and enthusiastic approval of the audience. Louise Chang and Helen Chan  also shared of God’s goodness in their lives and  their testimonies left a lasting impression on many. 



Associate Pastor Timothy Ong shared an evangelistic message entitled ‘The Joy of the Lord Makes All the Difference’, which blessed everyone. Evanna Tang, who led the choir, says, “I learned how to tap into my potential to excel in my role, the importance of unity and effective communication among team members…It solidified my commitment to the mission of spreading the Gospel…and I look forward to serving and spreading God's love in future events.”


We believe the seeds of love sown will bear fruit in due course. May God continue to bless our church and our community, and just like the beautiful lanterns of the Mid-Autumn season, may the light of our faith continue to shine brightly. 



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