A Young Adults Outing

September 15, 2022

A Young Adults Outing

YA ToGather July 2022

  • Article by Natalie Netanya Hendry

On Saturday, 30 July 2022, the Calvary Young Adults Ministry held a July “YA ToGather” outing - a day out at Tadom Hill to relax and unwind in a time of bonding and getting to know one another. 

One of the participants, Emma Lee said, “the best part of this trip was the opportunity to meet and make new friends. These young adults who are welcoming and friendly made me feel totally at home. Thank God for that! I also got to conquer my fear of heights as I jumped from a height of five meters into the lake. I learnt that everything starts with one small step.”

Some of the young adults warming up.
The sense of competition and fun made the game very exciting.


Our day started early at 7.45am, the 45 young adults gathered at both Calvary Convention Centre and Calvary Church Damansara Heights to carpool to Tadom Hill. On arrival, we gathered for a roll call and distributed wristbands before entering the premises.

The young adults immediately headed to the volleyball court for an exercise regime to warm-up and stretch our muscles before getting to our first activity of the day - Fragile Ball, volleyball played with water balloons.


Young adults at the ATV range.

Getting ready for a round of jumbo-sized Jenga.


At 11.00am, we had our first round of free and easy time, along with the option to go on a thrilling ATV ride or to stay back in the main common area to enjoy a game of jumbo-sized Jenga.


After a good time of fellowship over our lunch, we spent time learning how to balance ourselves on bamboo rafts or kayaks and rowed around the lake. We eventually ditched the rafts for a dip in the lake. 


Bamboo rafting and kayaking in the lake.


There were a few recreational amenities by the lake like water slides, a springboard, and even a rope swing. Each of us supported one another in mustering up the courage to try these amenities. It was indeed a refreshing experience to try out something new.
Rope swinging at the lake.
Having a go at the water slide.

Group picture at Tadom Hill Resort.


In conclusion, it was an amazing experience as we don’t often get the chance to experience these kinds of activities, especially with the cheerful and fun-loving young adults.


We thank God for blessing us with good weather. We noticed the forecast indicated that it would rain at midday, but amazingly, it didn’t. We’re also thankful to God for His protection as we all had a wonderful time and did not sustain any injuries.