How to be baptised in the Holy Spirit
How to be baptised in the Holy Spirit

"How to be baptised in the Holy Spirit" By Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
The 24th Pentecostal World Conference
Royal Rangers Council of Achievement
Hospitality Ministry Fellowship Outing
Youth Fellowship - "Nights"
Young Adults Connect
Take A Seat
Calvary Book Corner

Anointing and Assignment
Anointing and Assignment

"Anointing and Assignment" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
Calvary Prayer Tower
Calvary Young Adults Connect - Let's Bowl
"Take A Time Out" Seminar
Royal Rangers in Japan
Membership & Water Baptism
Youth LGs have moved out into location based Homes

Is Life Worth Living
Is Life Worth Living

"Is Life Worth Living as a Believer in Christ" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
Blood Donation Drive
Father's Day Service
Missions Emphasis with Dr James Marocco
Men's Breakfast Fellowship
Kids' Missions
Water Baptism
Calvary LG Seminar "Thrive"

Overcoming Limitations
Overcoming Limitations

"Overcoming Limitations" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
Senior Pastor honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Assemblies of God Malaysia
Calvary Church's First Fun Run
Calvary Church Camp 2016
Chinese Camp 2016
Kids' Camp 2016
Calvary Youth's Movie at the Plaza

Making Disciples
Making Disciples

"Making Disiples" by Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam
Mother's Day Gift Preparation
Baby Dedication
Mother's Day Service
Beauty for Ashes
Benefiting from Spiritual Fatherhood
Uniquely Beautiful - Dimension Extended's Mother's Day Family Luncheon
Encountering God in Calvary Convention Centre
Golden Eagles' Outing to Sekinchan

A Mother's Pain, A Son's Prayer
A Mother's Pain, A Son's Prayer

"A Mother's Pain, A Son's Prayer" by Senior Associate Pastor Petrina Guneratnam
Installation of Deacons 2016
Calvary Leaders Lunch Fellowship
Calvary Youth Sunday Saturday
Water Baptism
The Great Exchange - The Father's Love
An Easter Sunday Celebration with the Church Family
Royal Rangers Graduation
Ranger Kids Night Out
Shine - 35th Missionettes Awards Celebration